Euphoria — Paul Davis


  • 210 x 297 mm
  • 160 pages
  • Edition of 40 copies
  • ISBN: 978-989-53767-2-8

Published by Stolen Books, 2023

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I draw, take photographs and write every day. This book shows a selection of mostly recent work from the thousands of images I produce each year. 

Some of these images might convey a sole purpose; others may reveal an unforeseen link or form a spurious narrative based on what was before or what comes next or what’s opposite. There could be some sort of story within these images but, like consciousness, it may or may not make any sense. 

A writer said, “When you see his drawings together, the brain somehow starts forming a narrative. It wants to. The images compel you to do so. On their own they work well enough in themselves, but they also cry out for a before and after so we can make our own slightly weird original story from what we gather. And they’d all be different.” 

Instead of writing an essay about my work, I decided to ask people to ask me three questions about anything they’d like. 

This book would not have happened if Sara and Luis at Stolen Books hadn’t asked me in the first place, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I thank them both for their enduring patience. 

Paul Davis, 2022