Primavera temprana – Fátima Moreno


420 × 300 mm
2 color risograph print (black, bright red)

Limited edition of 50 prints, all numbered and signed by the artist
Stolen Prints // December 2019

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Fátima Moreno
Although born in the city of Granada, Fátima spent her childhood in the Spanish countryside, dreaming and drawing in the warm landscape – a place she credits much of her personality to.
She studied contemporary printmaking before having what she calls “a pragmatism fit” and becoming a graphic designer. During this time she lived and worked across Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon but realised something was missing, “drawing was a practice I did since I was a child, for fun, out of passion… because I needed to,” she says. So Fátima ditched the job and grabbed her inks, saying: “I wanted to do what made me happier.”