Jamming – Sebastian König


185 × 255 mm
64 pages

Printed on Coral Book Natural 120grs
Soft Cover

ISBN 978-989-54589-0-5
Stolen Books // Published August 2021


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Jamming is an imaginary trip to the motorways of 90s Europe. The book draws inspiration from several journeys to the south – sitting in the back seat – while being stuck. The pictured stories take place between stopped cars on the lane, on side stripes, or at rest stops.

Besides the most obvious topic in a book about traffic jams – the passing of time – the book contains various picture stories and short comics that show humorous events, taking place “on the road”.

Sebastian König
Is an illustrator and graphic designer working mainly in the fields of editorial and commercial illustration. His artworks are defined by a rough papercut-like vector style, grainy textures and well picked color compositions.