145 × 205 mm
Risograph printing + Silksreen print cover.

This publication is part of the Bachelor Design Studies Program – Delli
Supported by the Film and Media Arts Department.

ISBN: 978-989-757-115-2
DELLI, 2020

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Moiré is a graphic interference (optical effect) that generates patterns that arise when lines, bands, nets, grids, points or curves unexpectedly align in a certain way.
By definition, Moiré patterns are images produced when the human eye observes the overlap (stopped or moving) of two graphic structures with spacing and variation. These patterns, similar to vibration waves, cause the formation of light and dark fringes, called Moiré fringes. These structures are called reticles, plots or grids, and are made up of lines, parallel or radial bands, forming concentric circles or ellipses or evenly spaced or evenly spaced points.
Conceptually, this project presents a graphic / visual experimentation, capable of revealing multiple thoughts about the idea and virtuous / advantageous use of Moiré as an error, chance, accident, randomness, failure, waste, but also of intention, deliberation, rhythm, animation and awareness as a vital strategy for creating content as innovative as speculative. These work concepts guided the authors (communication design students at DELLI) who generated the content and editorial principles of this project.