[No Audio] box – Luís Alegre

Box containing:

  • 2 giclée prints (600 x 600 mm)
  • 1 [ NO AUDIO ] book

Limited edition of 20 boxes, all numbered and signed by the artist.
640 × 635 mm

Price upon request

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[NO AUDIO] displays a series of images which reveal particular moments, more or less known from the worlds of cinema, fashion or advertising. But also vernacular images that any of us could make and spread on the web.
The vast majority of images have captions written, a fact that ultimately guides the viewers to a wide spectrum of interpretations and literary imagery.

There is a somewhat paradoxical idea in these works that I deliberately wanted to explore, which ultimately situates these pieces on the border between sorrow and joy, between “I’ve felt this before” and “what the fuck is this?”.