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200 × 275 mm
Popset 120gr red paper

ISBN: 978-989-757-118-3
DELLI, 2020

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Papergang is about small details of daily life, which students from 1st year of Delli’s BA in Communication Design found in their own routines or experiences. Some unconventional work tools were used, such as a small portable thermal printer for registering images that then were reproduced using serigraphy. From this whole process resulted this publication of 60 copies printed in salmon color on 120gr Popset red paper.


Delli (Design Lusófona Lisboa) EN
Is a design department that critically challenges a discipline in profound transitions, exploring a variety of pedagogical models. Working as a continuous workshop with a network of leading professionals, researchers and educators, Delli aims to expand the design discipline in collaboration with our research centre, as well as local and international partners. These works result from the design experiences of DELLI students.

Delli (Design Lusófona Lisboa) PT
É um projeto de design que desafia criticamente uma disciplina em profundas transições, explorando diferentes modelos pedagógicos. No trabalho em workshop contínuo entre profissionais, investigadores e professores de referência, o Delli pretende expandir a disciplina do design, em colaboração com o nosso centro de investigação, assim como com os nossos parceiros locais e internacionais. Estes trabalhos resultam das experiências de design dos alunos do DELLI.