Race d’Ep


Race d’Ep, 2020
45 × 34,5 cm
Limited edition of 50

Patch (industrial embrodery).

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Race d’Ep means “pédéraste” in verlan (the reversed french language). Rasdep, in the reversal language or maybe just de inversion from “pédé” to Ep. The damned race of Proust, the one from Sodoma and Gomorra… anyway Racedep means Faggot.

João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira realised very few people on Paris knew the expression only familiar to those who knew the movie directed by Lionel Souzak in 1979 (based on the book by Guy Hocquenghem), depicting in 4 chapters the history of homosexual liberation, fight and aesthetics through the 20th century.

This patch is the result of an editorial project to be presented at ASS Book Fair, but as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic it became an exhibition at Stolen Books in partnership with the 2020 QueerLisboa Film Festival who managed to show the movie in 35mm film.