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145 × 205 mm
208 pages
Risograph printing on Munken Print White 90 g and PopSet 80 g paper.
Limited edition of 50 copies.
ISBN 978-989-54373-0-6

DELLI_press and Stolen Books // Published March 2019

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This book is the answer to a provocative exercise that aimed to introduce DELLI students into the work of some of the most important authors who have shaped and influenced much of contemporary artistic thinking – John Cage, John Baldessari, Brian Eno, Jean-Luc Godard…
Based on the use of rules, instructions and some notions like chance, error, random, useless, failure or waste as work principles, content or element generators of editorial strategies.
Starting from 3 publications:

  1. Class Assignments: Optional – John Baldessari
  2. Oblique Strategies: Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas – Brian Eno, Peter Schmidt
  3. The Reward is in the Process – Tim Belonax
    The students chose 16 instructions from these 3 works and, based on them, generated visual content. Each instruction corresponding to an answer through an image, a text, a drawing…