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Red Label – Toyze


417 × 293 mm
64 pages

Risograph, 2 colors, printed on Munken Lynx 90 gr
Soft cover Risograph, 1 color, printed on Pop Set paper

All books are numbered
Limited edition of 50 books

Stolen Books // Published May 2013

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Emoticons we use every day in our e-mails, SMS and online publications in general, have inspired these images. They are powerful and colorful drawings born of small sketches in notebooks during meetings that Zé attends regularly, capturing the moods of the artist and the political and cultural zeitgeist.

We are to live again a time of rapid change. As in street art, these laughs and grimaces capture the same urgent and unconventional visual literacy as writing on walls. They are essentially a radical speech.

As meta-digital drawings, these masks, in their vector form, work at the same time as moldings or potencies of future identities.