CORNER – Miguel Vieira Baptista


The drawings – glorious, detailed, rigorosos- are gathered in a beautiful book. They are technical drawings, and all appear at least once in the book full scale. They are technical testimony, precision, but more than that, they are testimonies of love. Only a crazy person in love could spend 90 minutes, two hours around a corner to make such a beautiful thing. It takes dedication, kindness, treat muscle. The designs are made of graphite, and painted a felt pen or brush with a crazy care not to drip. Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, it is beautiful.

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245×170 mm 144 pages, printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 120 gr paper
Debossed hardcover
All books are numbered and signed by the artist
Limited edition of 100 books.
Plus: Corner poster included

ISBN 978-989-99001-1-9
Stolen Books // Published March 2016