Enigma – Pierre Coulibeuf


Bilingual edition : French / Portuguese

125 × 210mm
112 pages
ISBN: 978-989-53333-9-4

Published by Stolen Books // 2022

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ENIGMA is a transmedia work conceived with three points of support: urban places, performances, an opera song. The actions-performances of two young women who “interpret” historical and contemporary places in Luxembourg. A “song of the Sirens” which inhabits the places and bodies of the actresses-performers. The performance triggered by the encounter with the place is a secret language that we must decrypt and translate.

Pierre Coulibeuf
Visual artist and avant-garde filmmaker. Born in Elbeuf (France), in 1949 and lives in Paris. Literary studies (Postgraduate diploma and thesis). Knight of the Arts and Literature’s Order, France (2001).
Pierre Coulibeuf is developing a transdisciplinary project: he produces experimental fictions (on analog film) which invest the field of art and where changes of identity affect the universes as well as the artists inspiring his works. His films are presented both at the cinema and, recomposed, in the form of video-photo installation in the international network of contemporary art. Coulibeuf’s works art part of main public and private collections in the world.
In 2013, his exhibition at YUAN Space, in Beijing, was selected for the Award of Art China / AAC, in the category of the most influential foreign artists in China (with Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Araki, Shirin Neshat). In 2019, he won the Résidences Sur Mesure of the French Institute in Paris (Visual arts).