On Exile – José Carlos Teixeira


125 × 210 mm
152 pages

Pop set (grey) 240g cover
ISBN 978-989-54013-3-8
Stolen Books // Published January 2018

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Texts by Ana Anacleto, João Pinharanda, Steven Henry Madoff, Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer, Maria Iñigo Clavo, Linda Ehrlich, Maria de Fátima Lambert, and Jean D. Soares (PT/EN)

This book presents, through a series of works produced between 2016 and 2017, a reflective look on, on the one hand, mental illness and depression and, on the other hand, refugee status in the current context. The concept of exile is both thought of from a geopolitical perspective, as it is interpreted metaphorically. With reference to the language of the documentary, the video-essays on display methodologically explore the interview as artistic practice and kinematic territory, creating space for empathy and allowing the construction of intimate and psychological portraits.