Arquivo e Intervalo – José Maçãs de Carvalho


125 × 210 mm
228 pages

Pop set (flame orange) 240g cover.
Edition of 300 books.

ISBN 978-989-99816-0-7
Stolen Books & Colégio das Artes da Universidade de Coimbra

Published March 2017

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Texts by: Adelaide Ginga, Ana Rito, José Bragança de Miranda, and Pedro Pousada (PT/EN)

This book brings together four texts that approach four films around the subject of the archive and which somehow epitomize key issues of photographic and videographic practice.

Since 2010, the artist’s practice has been exclusively around issues relating to the archive and its expressiveness. At the same time, this project gave rise to an academic research that crossed practice and thinking, spreading to several exhibitions.