Kingdom – Rita Lino

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165 × 230 mm
40 pages
Printing on Arcoprint Milk 100g, cover on Arcoprint Milk 150g

Stolen Books Inferno Books // February 2018

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“Fighting can be one way to make peace with oneself. (…) For Rita Lino, her last chapter in life needed to end and the remnants of sorrow laid to rest and so her madness had reached a climax and she needed to erupt. She decided that in the fight that is the life she needed to let go and wrestle out her demons with two compassionate and willing, male comrades to aid her in this hour of need. Undignified naked forms, red-faced with contorted expressions, tangled body parts, confused, fragmented, the anger, frustration, and pain squeezed out. Emptied and in the process guarding the essential self.”
— Michael Grieve