Back to School – Pedro Matos / Ricardo Passaporte


195 × 260 mm

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After the school year ends, teachers prep their classroom for summer vacation. Other teachers will start at new school with well-worn furniture. This means stacking furniture and tacking inventory of what classroom furniture you have.
It’s time like this you often come across student vandalism you may not have seen during the course of the year. Some types of damage can be more easily repaired than others.

Ricardo Passaporte
Born in 1987, lives and works in Lisbon. The artist’s body of work is deeply involved in the history of pop, highlighting the evolving relationship between art and commerce, as well as articulating the parallels between graffiti and the same repetitive practice and guided by corporate logo identity. By appropriating these logos as his artistic brand, Passaporte breaks the relationship between brand and consumer.Exhibits regularly since 2011.

Pedro Matos
Born in 1989. The basis of his artistic practice is an ongoing investigation into the ephemeral and decaying – ideas that the artist finds present both in the urban landscape and in nature itself, created either through unconscious marks and gestures made by the human hand, or by natural phenomena themselves. In the form of meticulous pieces, the artist has been exploring the intricate complexity of abstract textures and detailed fragments, situated on the barrier between abstraction and representation.