Line / Rectangle — Eunyoung Hwang


  • 32 Pages
  • 198 x 260 mm
  • Softcover
  • First Edition of 315 copies
  • 2023

Published by Nieves

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This publication is the result of a Residipi book project, where the focus is on making a book together in a remote way.

Korean artist and book maker Eunyoung Hwang started Kkamanke Press (Black Dog Press) in Seoul in 2015. The publications of Kkamanke focus on a variety of literature, music, art and design; often playful and with a sense of humour. Eunyoung has collaborated with Knust in the past on the publication ‘We Can’t Surf’ during a Work Holiday;

When shifting also towards making furniture, Eunyoung started to make woodlike drawings and sculptures. ‘Line / Rectangle’ contains a series of drawings of different types of wood that enter into a game and rhythm of shapes and lines. During the presentation of the book, a series of her selfmade wooden sculptures were exhibited in Extrapool.