Other Colors — Knust/Extrapool


  • 40 Pages
  • 196 x 270 mm
  • Softcover
  • 2019

Published by Knust/Extrapool

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(taken from extrapool.patternbyetsy.com)

Other Colors is a get-together of colors that are not so commonly seen together. Each set of four pages shows the combination of three different colors. Other Colors features the work of:

William Luz – yellow, bisque, teal on Riso MZ
Harro van Aalderen – beige-yellow, orange, huntergreen on Ricoh TC-II
Fien Jorissen – apricot, lavender*, teal on Riso V8000
Malwina Marchwicka – bisque, bright gold on Riso MF, grey on Riso MZ
Kristin Texeira – aqua, copper, mossgreen on Riso MZ
Eunice Luk – green, crimson, purple on Riso MZ
Nina Cosco – cyan, magenta, caramel on Ricoh TC-II
Lucie Lučanská – bright gold on Riso MF, aqua, crimson on Riso MZ
Paul Parant – fuchsia* on Riso V8000, green, mediumblue on Riso MZ/V8000
Robbie Simon – seafoam on Riso MZ, red, blue on Riso V8000

The project was initiated and realized by Astrid Florentinus.
The clouds of gradient are a photo of one cloud floating above Nijmegen.

Cover: Astrid Florentinus
outside: cornflower blue (and bisque) on Riso MF, mist, caramel on Ricoh TC-II
inside: bright gold on Riso MF