Propeller #3 – Propaganda


280 × 330 × 100 mm
Archive box, holding multiple booklets and posters.
Limited edition of 200 copies. Every cover has a different layout.

ISBN 978-989-54176-7-4
Propeller and Stolen Books // Published February 2019

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Visual contributions

Stickers and Stamps
As Toupeiras

Aquellos que Esperan
Borja Larrondo & Diego Sánchez

No 60º aniversário da Revolução Cubana | On the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, 2018
Daniel Blaufuks

Diogo Simões

HTD Communication, Domotics, from How Things Dream

Good and bad good and bad, 2018
Ignasi Aballí

Writing (full texts)

Editorial: Arte não é Propaganda! | Art is not Propaganda!, 2018
Sofia Silva

Fire Inside, 2018
Pete Brook

A fotografia à porta de casa e a propaganda | Propaganda and photography at the front door, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva)
Teresa Mendes Flores

Shooting in the name of (and now you do what they told ya): Photojournalism – keeping the status quo, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva)
Rodrigo Peixoto, after intense dialogue with Valter Ventura


by Propeller and Matilde Ventur
Design by Paulo Arraiano

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