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UNPACKING – José Maçãs de Carvalho


“Unpacking” summarizes, on an experimental basis, the process of meaning of photographic images taken over more than twenty years, from the author’s archive.

The work “Bilder Atlas” of Aby Warburg (1866-1929) and two key ideas: the “law-of-good-neighborly” that would create “non-hierarchical” relations between images, and also a “iconology of the interval” concept to define the significance relationships between images and their relational tensions, are taken as cultural reference and stylistic matrix.

This book can be an “atlas-of-image” which condenses in power, the traffic between the unique and the universal, the private and the public, image and language, in a retrospective and self-reflection process in order to understand the formal and conceptual universe of the author’s file.

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210×150 mm
72 pages, printed in Fedrigoni Xper 140 gr. Geltex hardcover + Risograph jacket printed in Pop Set paper
All books are numbered and signed by the artist.
Limited edition of 50 entirely handwritten books, making each copy unique.

ISBN 978-989-96721-6-1
Stolen Books // Published February 2014